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What to Expect Should You Join Us on a Sunday

In a COVID-19 world our "What to Expect" looks a little different. Our church has shifted in a variety of ways. We currently gather around a living room and kitchen after over a year of using Zoom.

Instead of preaching we do group discussion. We think this helps everyone engage and stay connected.

We currently offer children's church most weeks to help keep the kids engaged and learning about faith.

We gather together in a home, at times at the park, at times outside, at times in order to serve others.

For pre-COVID expectations (a lot of which still applies), see below.

For more information about our weekly worship and liturgy, click

Pre-COVID Edition:

We are a small church. We value being small enough to know each other,
but we have room for you. 

We aren't fancy. Sometimes we mess up or things don't go according to plan. We value being real over being polished. We don't put on a show, but we worship together. 

We like to hear from each other. We ask questions and get input. Some weeks are more discussion based, some weeks people interject during the message.

We don't have all the answers. We are still learning and growing and we have room for anyone who has questions themselves. 

We are intergenerational. We value the young and the old and the in-between. Our kids are part of our worship gatherings. Some weeks they stay in the whole time, some weeks they leave for a children's lesson. 

We pull from both the ancient church and the modern church. We sing new and old songs. We receive communion weekly. We follow the church calendar. We try to embrace the best of both worlds.

We rotate various speakers. Our pastors take turns and we bring in friends from other churches. We value hearing from many voices. 
You can come dressed however you prefer. Most of us dress casually.

You need not believe what we believe to belong. We are all on a journey.

You need not have your life together to join us. None of us have it all together. 
We gather in order to be sent out into the world. We believe our faith is meant to make a tangible difference in our neighborhoods and city.

For more information about our weekly worship and liturgy, click here  


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