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We are glad you are here and we hope this place and these people feel like home to you. Whether you are a first time guest or a regular attender, we are better with you here. We are #TogetherForTheGood. Use this information to stay connected, follow along, and engage your faith and the community during the week. Feel free to explore this site to learn more about our church and liturgy

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Pswd: T0gether (the 0 is a zero) 

Sunday, May 22, 2022 | Sixth Sunday of Eastertide

Today's text is from Philippians 1. It can be found here


Save the Date

Pentecost Sunday - June 5 - We will celebrate Pentecost by joining with Rock Christian Fellowship at their Sunday morning worship gathering. 

Second Sunday in June - June 12 - We will be hosting a cook out for the Ronald McDonald House AND doing meal prep for homeless youth at the Wichita Children's Home.


Adopt A Senior

Thank you for the donations!


Contact Info and the Like

We would like to collect or update info on those who call this church their own. Addresses and birthday and things like that. Could you fill out this link for us? Thanks.


Group Me - Group Chat

We started a group chat in the app Group Me for communicating, sharing info, asking for ideas, inviting to events, etc. Use it as much as you like. Join here.

Children's Church Schedule

  • 5/22 - Nancy and Wes

  • 5/29 - Family Worship

  • 6/5 - Pentecost worship at Rock Christian Fellowship

  • 6/12 - Second Sunday

Prayer Focus

We focus prayers on the needs of our community both as a congregation and outside our walls. Each week we ask you to pray for the ministries and health of a church in our city and a church on our district, as well as a group of people who are likely to need the extra prayer support.

Wichita Area Church: College Hill United Methodist

Kansas District Church: Bethany Church of the Nazarene (Hutchinson)

Special focus: This week let us remember the lost, the doubting, the skeptics, those who have been wounded in churches, and those who are struggling in faith.

Weekly Practices

We encourage you to find ways to engage your faith beyond Sundays. The things we focus on and the actions we take help form our faith, values and lives. We sometimes post suggested practices on social media on Mondays, but we also encourage you to:​

  • How are we made right with God through the crucifixion and resurrection? Here are 7 theories of atonement. Read them here. Consider which one(s) make the most sense to you. Are any off the table for you? Link to article here.

  • 12 Ways To Practice Resurrection from Father Richard Rohr

​1. Refuse to identify with negative, blaming, antagonistic, or fearful thoughts (you cannot stop “having” them).
2. Apologize when you hurt another person or situation.
3. Undo your mistakes by some positive action toward the offended person or situation.
4. Do not indulge or believe your False Self – that which is concocted by your mind and society’s expectations.
5. Choose your True Self – your radical union with God – as often as possible throughout the day.
6. Always seek to change yourself before trying to change others.
7. Choose as much as possible to serve rather than be served.
8. Whenever possible, seek the common good over your mere private good.
9. Give preference to those in pain, excluded, or disabled in any way.
10. Seek just systems and policies over mere charity.
11. Make sure your medium is the same as you message.
12. Never doubt that it is all about love in the end.

  • Spend time in prayer (private, out loud, journaling, whatever) about what new thing(s) you'd like God to do in your faith, life, church, community? What might it look like for you to work toward these things? What new things have you experienced in the recent past?


If you are new or have questions about our church we'd love to connect with you. Text CONNECT to 316.333.7275 to start the conversation. You can also reach out on social media and at

If you'd like more information about what happens in our gatherings, click this link here.

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We believe in living a life of generosity as individuals and a faith community. We long to be a resource for the needs of our city and world through radical generosity. We invite you to follow Jesus and worship God through giving as you are able - and we commit to sharing those resources in ways that benefit those who need it.​

You can give financially via website, by texting GIVE to 316.333.7275, or by placing cash or check in the giving box by the door.