At The Dwelling Church we have seen a lot of change over the last 2 years. We've changed where we meet, large parts of how we meet, and, to a huge extent, who gathers with us. Most of us are new since the start of the pandemic!

As we look to the future we'd love your input on a few topics. We value everyone's opinions, dreams, and wild ideas as we wonder what it looks like to be a faithful local church that meets the needs of those who claim us and those we meet along the way. 

We have 2 surveys - 1 is for those who consider themselves regulars and 1 is for those who haven't been around as much since COVID. We'd love answers from as many people as possible. It will take a little bit of time, it can be anonymous if you'd like, and you can skip any questions you want. 

Previously Regular Participant survey here.

Regular Participant survey here.