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The Dwelling Church

Intentional Advent Calendar

Choose one item a day, in any order, to help you countdown to the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Some are just for fun, some are meant to make you think, some are meant to bring joy or rest to your life.

  • Call someone you haven’t talked to recently.

  • Go look at Christmas lights.

  • Listen to 3 different versions of an Advent or Christmas hymn.

  • Go for a walk. Pray for the homes and businesses you pass.

  • Write a prayer for the city, the nation, the world.

  • Watch a Christmas movie.

  • Listen to All Sons & Daughters song I Wait.

  • Spend time learning about the Equal Justice Initiative

  • Draw, print and color, build, or create a nativity scene.

  • Bake (or buy) a treat to share with someone.

  • Name 5 things that have happened in the past month you are thankful for.

  • Share a meal or coffee or game with a friend.

  • Leave a note of encouragement for a person.

  • Practice hospitality in anyway you can come up with.

  • Read Psalm 130 out loud.

  • Search YouTube for Christmas According to Kids - Southland Christian Church - Watch it here

  • Read the poem “The Work of Christmas” by Howard Thurman - Read it here

  • Unplug for a large chunk of the day. No phones or TVS. 

  • Eat a meal with candles on the table.

  • Draw, paint, create Isaiah's vision in Isaiah 2:1-5.

  • Declutter your closet or bedroom. Do you have things that can be donated?

  • Spend time learning about immigration here.

  • Have dessert – a special one if you are able.

  • Practice silence for an extended time (60, 30, 15, 5 minutes depending on your situation)

  • Read Psalm 15 out loud.

  • Play a board or card game.

  • Consider: if you could eliminate one need or injustice in the world, which would it be? Why? 

  • Leave an anonymous gift for someone.

  • Do something you enjoy for relaxation (bath, exercise, music, nap, etc).

  • Read John 1 slowly.

  • Wear something Christmasy and embrace holiday cheer. 

Advent Playlist: Apple Music and Spotify

Advent Devotional recommendations here.

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